When You Want to Get Up and Go: 3 Energizing Strains to Spark Creativity

What are the best strains for creativity? Cannabis does so many different things for so many different people. That’s one of its strengths, and also one of its great mysteries: Researchers still aren’t quite sure why the same strain can make some users euphoric and others catatonic.

Fortunately, some things are becoming clear. Botanists continue to unlock the secrets of cannabinoids—the “active ingredients” in cannabis, of which there are at least 113—as well as terpenes, the essential oils in marijuana (and countless other plants and even some insects) which give strains their specific odor, flavor, and other qualities. Clinicians are mapping the receptors by which these molecules interact with the human body.

And perhaps most importantly for you, dear reader, a growing body of research points to specific cannabis varieties as being the best strains for creativity, one of the plant’s most useful qualities. Let’s start by taking a close look at three of them today.

Blue Dream

best strains for creativity blue dream
Source: Leafly.com

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a virtual superstar in the cannabis world. Developed from Blueberry indica and Haze sativa, Blue Dream is known for a gentle, invigorating cerebral high combined with powerful—but not too powerful—full-body relaxation.

For this reason, it’s especially powerful as a prompt to creative pursuits in daylight hours. Even though it’s reasonably high in THC (typically ranging from 17% – 24%), this is mitigated by a CBD percentage hovering around 2%. You’ll feel relaxed but alert, ready to tap into your creative wellspring and welcome whatever arrives with equanimity.

Jack Herer

best strains for creativity Jack Herer

Created in Holland in the 1990s and named for the legendary cannabis activist and author, this sativa-dominant strain has a long track record to recommend it. Many fans use the word “blissful” to describe its effects, but that’s not to suggest it’s “stony.” Other descriptors include “clear-headed,” “inspiring” and “conducive to sparking brainstorms.”   

Jack Herer is beloved as a daytime medication, and one that doesn’t tend to impede conversation or interaction. But by the same token, it’s less popular for nighttime use, especially for insomnia.

Berry White

best strains for creativity Berry White

With a wink and a nod towards the late, great Barry White—a connoisseur of sensuality if ever there was one—the strain that (almost) bears his name might seem an unusual choice as an inspiration for creativity.

For one, Berry White is an indica-dominant hybrid derived from the celebrated Blueberry and White Widow strains. This means it exhibits the slow-moving, relaxing effects associated with indicas. Many users report there’s a distinct delay before the creative prompts arrive.

However, once they do, the strain’s overall evenness produces a gentle, sustained lift and inspiration. Plus, if like many creatives, you’re carrying muscular tension and strain—say, from hunching over a drafting table—Berry’s soothing effects are a powerful and welcome addition to the mix.

Personal Effects

While these strains are as consistent and predictable as possible—remember, they are plants, and subject to variation—there’s really only one way to assess their effects on your unique physiology and body chemistry: By trying them out yourself!

We’d love to hear about your experience finding the best strains for creativity. As always, you know where to find us!


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