Broomball: Serious Fun You Can Have With a Broom

At this time of year, finding spooky stuff for you and the crew to do in Redmond and Kirkland isn’t hard. Seriously, it’s about as challenging as sticking to the couch after a few tokes of Hi Guys’ Gorilla Glue #4. By that, we mean it’s virtually impossible to avoid.


“For a euphoric high that’ll get you amped to hit the ice, Mary Jane recommends eating  your dessert first, by toking up with a sativa-dominant hybrid like Cannasol Farms’sweet, citrusy Double Lemon Cheesecake.”

But what if you’re already sick of ghosts, goblins and ghouls? What to do then? Well, step one is don’t worry—because Mary Jane has you covered.

The friendly budtenders at your favorite Kirkland pot shop have just discovered an action-packed activity that’s perfect to get the old body moving: Broomball at the Sno-King Ice Arena. The facility is less than ten minutes from our recreational marijuana store, and unless you’ve got a Nimbus 2000 or a total clean freak, you’re never going to have more fun with a broom.

Here’s the deal. While you’ll be hitting the ice, you don’t have to worry if you can’t skate. Everyone who plays will be sporting the street shoes they walked in the door with, but helmets are required to hit the ice.

Because while the surface isn’t as crazy slippery as you might imagine, traction is going to be limited. You’ll want to walk carefully as you move across the rink, and you definitely don’t want to start running and sliding. That’s a sure way to wind up square on your butt, and might even land you in the penalty box.


Instead, move deliberately, and remember to keep passing to your teammates, because nobody likes a ball hog. Folks who’ve played hockey or soccer will obviously have an advantage here, but even if you’ve never held a hockey stick or strapped on a pair of shin guards, you’ll still have a blast, and the high-profile setting tends to up the adrenaline.

For full details on getting on the stick with your Broomball game, head to Sno-King Ice Arena’s official site!

Mary Jane Kirkland Broomball

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