Buds for the Bridle Trails – 5K, 10K & 50K Run

It’s that time. The Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival by Northwest Trail Runs and Seattle Running Club is happening again this Saturday, January 14th at 3 PM. You can participate in the 5K, 10K or 50K run (no horse required!), although if you do see a horse on your path be sure to nod hello and get the heck out of the way! Proper running etiquette dictates two-legged species should yield to any four-legged friends.

All races start at 3 PM but you should be there by 1:30 PM for check-in. Here’s what you should bring:

  • A Discover Pass or $10 for a Single Day Pass.
  • A headlamp. Sunset is at 4:36 PM and it gets dark fast after that in the woods. Be sure to bring your headlamp with adequate battery power.
  • Flowers, edibles, pre-rolls or extracts from Mary Jane, Kirkland Weed

What kind of Kirkland marijuana might you bring? If you’re looking for a specific new strain to try that’s going to be right for the occasion (energy, uplifted, happy), Mary Jane currently has Head Cheese Small Nugs by Emerald Evolution, Monkey Grass Maui Waui and Blue Afghani pre-rolls by Dama. Tip: For a burst of energy, carry some Fruit Chew Mix with you. You can get them in Indica or Sativa,  whichever you prefer. After the race you may be looking for a little relief, especially if you do the 10K or 50K. A little shot of Ethos Muscle Melt Salve rubbed in real good should do the trick. If you’re real achy, try a CBD Gel Pen or a Sativa Patch, both by Circanna.

There’s something for everyone at Mary Jane, guaranteed to get you jump-started and focused in just the right way to both accomplish a physical feat and do your head a favor—unplug, step away from the computer, and take in the beauty of the great outdoors. Check out the full Mary Jane Kirkland Marijuana Menu here.

Parking: is limited. You are encouraged to carpool. Most of the parking is reserved for those doing the 50K run.

You can visit this page to get directions to Bridle Trails State Park
More info on Seattle Running Club
More info on Bridle Trails Winter Running Festival

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