Check Out These Cannabis Health and Beauty Products

Check Out These Cannabis Health and Beauty Products

Here at Kirkland’s best marijuana boutique, we’re forging a new cannabis lifestyle. Weed is no longer inextricably tied to lava lamps, dorm rooms, and couches that smell like bong water.

Marijuana is no longer a dirty little secret or a guilty pleasure. In fact, we see cannabis as a way to make your life more healthful, relaxing, fun, sexy, and beautiful. Beautiful? Yes! In addition to marijuana’s known power to make the world shimmer and shine, there’s also a wide range of exciting cannabis-based health and beauty products. Here’s a few of our favorites…

Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Basics harness the moisturizing power of organic hemp seed oil with marijuana flower extract and other botanicals. Check out their website for more information on the healing power you can glean from the topical application of cannabis extracts. Plus, their products smell and feel amazing! We love their bath crystals, which combine hemp seed oil and Himalayan sea salt with fantastic aroma therapy combinations. Their peppermint at rosemary combo is a favorite here at Mary Jane Kirkland.


These products deliver serious relaxation! Here at your favorite Kirkland cannabis shop, you can find the company’s luxurious “bath salt soothe,” which imparts a soothing ratio of THC and CBD.

Van der Pop

We love the sleek minimalist aesthetic of Van der Pop packaging, and their products live up to the elegant promise. Their “Forget” balm combines hemp seed oil with eucalyptis extract, beeswax and other botanicals to create a soothing treatment for muscle aches. We also like their “Clean” body oil, which is amazingly hydrating and soothing–perfect for sensitive skin.

Ethos Extracts

You can find this one at Kirkland’s best pot shop. (Mary Jane of course!) Ethos Muscle Melt is the best-selling cannabis topical in Washington–with good reason. This full-flower extract delivers a pleasant tingling sensation and makes good on its promise to restore overworked muscles and joints.

Speaking of joints…If you need any other “relaxation aids,” head over to Mary Jane Kirkland to check out our fine selection of pre-rolls! Then go home, run a bath, and prepare to treat yourself…