Celebrate the Holidays High at Chateau Ste Michelle

The rush of the holidays is upon us, so make sure to spend some time at Chateau Ste Michelle. What’s a holiday without getting your wine fix? Chateau Ste Michelle is one of Washington’s oldest wineries, featuring amazing architecture, and 105 wooded acres around the winery.


Before heading to Chateau Ste Michelle to taste the fine selection of wines, stop by Mary Jane, Kirkland’s best pot shop, to pick up some marijuana.

If you think the wine tastes good now, wait until you get stoned and capture the true bold flavors of the various wines. Mary Jane offers some of the best prices on cannabis in the Woodinville, Redmond, and Kirkland areas.

The recreational marijuana dispensary is located only four miles away from Chateau Ste Michelle, so make a quick stop to enhance your wine tasting experience.

Whether you want to spice up the holidays by doing a blind taste Wednesday, or you want to celebrate the fall in the Northwest, this winery has you covered. The historic place offers tours, private wine tasting rooms, and unique food recipes that would leave you satisfied.

Before starting your wine tasting, Redmond’s favorite recreational shop, Mary Jane, can help you set up your night better. Pick up pot flowers, edibles, extracts, or even pre-rolls to get your night started.

Prepare your mind to get into the fancy, wine-tasting mood, prepare your appetite for some delicious foods, and prepare your body for the ultimate relaxation.

Mary Jane is open at 9:00 am daily, so you can pick up some weed, get as high as you can, and melt into the world of wine and food pairings that Chateau Ste Michelle offers.

Chateau Ste Michelle is open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, just one hour after Mary Jane opens.

Get an early start on the holiday celebrations by experiencing quality pot, fine wine, and tasty food at Mary Jane and Chateau Ste Michelle.

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