Cannabis for Celebration Lane

Once again Celebration Lane kicked off in Bellevue Square December 26th and runs through January 1st. Each night, starting at 7 p.m., you are invited to enjoy a full-on raging spectacle showcase of live music with performers and drummers under a canopy of falling snow. There’s dancing and light shows and a host of stimuli sure to get you and your clan pumped and ready to ring in the New Year. So of course you’ll need to consider cannabis for Celebration Lane beforehand.

Don’t forget to stop by Mary Jane, Kirkland’s marijuana boutique on your way out. You’ll want to find just the right dank for the night’s festivities to elevate your mind, body and spirit and lift you right on up and over into 2017. Your search for the significant strain begins and ends right here at the best Kirkland pot shop, also serving the Kenmore, Redmond, Woodinville, Bothell and Bellevue areas. It all comes to a head at the Mary Jane Menu  which is chock full of a variety of strains to produce whatever desired effect you want, but of course on New Year’s you want to get pumped up first before any couchlock occurs at the end of the night.

Celebration Lane Kirkland - Mary Jane Weed StoreWe’d get the party started with the always-entertaining Harmony Cartridge Chem Dawg, by Harmony Farms, because dangit, everything is better on Chem Dawg. With the through-the-roof THC content past the 70% mark, you’ll be able to go all night on this classic strain, super-duper elevated but clear and with an energizing physical buzz. Chem Dawg will see to it you mingle with your friends and keep the conversation stimulating.

Once you’re all done with Celebration Lane and you’re ready to transition your 2016 evening into a 2017 pre-dawn, you’ll crave the mighty sedation of Lemon OG, which will creep up on you and lull you into the most sublime sedentary state as you lie supine, blissed out in the relief and wonder that the New Year brings.

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