Elegant Edibles for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is approaching rapidly, and Kirkland folks are already gearing up for this annually awaited feast. Although it can be great to get the whole family together for some quality time, everything from politics to the tweaking of family recipes can cause a ruckus when there’s a little too much quality time.

Keep the holidays sweet and unwind with one of Mary Jane’s many elegant edible selections! Yes, you’ve been seated next to Grandpa again — and yes, he will continue to eat way too much of the bean dip, to your dismay. So make sure to pack an infused treat, to clear your head and allow a change of perspective. Continue reading for Mary Jane’s top three edible recommendations to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner!

You’ve already made it through two hours of small talk and here old Aunt Margie comes, asking you how to use her “snap and chat” once again. You’ll need all of the patience in the world to go another round, so pop one of Phoenix Cannabis Company’s discreet Dope Doughs (we love the Cake Batter flavor). They look like a Tootsie Roll which works wonders in the way of discretion, and at 10mg of THC a pop, you’ll be rolling over laughing at Marg while she works on her selfie face.

Some of us will be amongst friends for the holiday, as opposed to family. In this case, a THC infused candy or two will only make the experience more gratifying. To bring something that will wow the crowd, try something from Verdelux Chocolate’s line of gluten-free and decadent delights. From the Bon-Bombs to the Caramelos and Meltaways, this brand offers edibles that are made by a highly attentive staff with some of the highest grade cannabis in Washington state!

Follow it up with a steaming mug of Rococo Coffee, roasted locally in Downtown Kirkland for sweet, nutty and smoky flavors.

If some of your gang is willing and of age, a great introduction to edibles would be to drizzle a bit of the Dank chocolate syrup by Craft Elixirs on a slice of pie or a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream! The rich and potent sauce is extremely versatile in its potential uses and would make any cocoa-lover swoon.

Whichever of these elegant edibles you decide to indulge in, remember to pick them up from Mary Jane’s in Kirkland. Personalized pot recommendations and superb canna-customer service, all wrapped up in a neat boutique setting. What more could you ask for?

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