Four Famous Stoners Mary Jane Would Love to Smoke Out

Some people fantasize about celebrities they’d love to sleep with, but at Mary Jane in Kirkland – we fantasize about famous stoners we’d love to smoke out. So, if you know any of these famous folks, please bring them our way and we’ll all get high together.

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Top Four Celebrities We’d Like to Get High With

Amy Schumer
With Instagram posts like this, we think Amy would be wicked fun to get high with. Plus she seems like she wouldn’t be all Hollywood weird about food when the munchies hit.

Willie Nelson
This guy is on everyone’s list for good reason. He’s got a long and storied history of smoking – and his own line of weed. Plus, hotboxing on his tour bus is a bucket list item for us…and maybe Snoop Dogg or George Clinton would drop by.

Leslie Jones
There’s no one we’d rather get high and workout with than the queen of sharing relatable, sweaty workout pics on Instagram. But until that day comes…we’ll just get high at home and watch Michelle Obama’s workout video.

Cheech & Chong
The penultimate stoner duo, there’s no denying that getting high with these two would be the experience of a lifetime. They’re still touring, so we’re still holding out hope.

Need to stock up before you bump into your favorite celeb? Then head to Mary Jane in Kirkland, and we’ll make sure you’re always prepared if you happen to have a chance encounter with someone on your must-smoke-with list.