From the Team: Seattle Cough

Hey everyone it’s Tyler here to tell you guys about my personal favorite strain in the shop currently.  This strain is a fragrant and beautiful flower that’s grown to perfection by the amazing farmers at Dutch Brothers Farms.  It offers an amazing high and great taste to match.  This strain is of course… SEATTLE COUGH!


One of the main reasons I like this strain so much is the aroma that’s put off once you get the bag opened.  After you tear the seal off and open the bag up the smell is subtle at first but then once you get up close the piney fragrance starts to become pronounced and leaves you itching to roll it up into a phat doobie!  Before rolling it up of course you have to grind it and boy does that lemon/citrus smell pop out once you grind it up.  Every time I’ve ground it up I have to a double take on the smell just because that smell is so pleasing.  After grinding it up the trichromes just glisten off of the flower.  Rolling this flower up is a really easy task especially when using some RAW papers from our shop.  The unbleached papers really let that delicious earthy/piney flavor profile of the flower come out.

Seattle Cough Weed Dutch Brothers Mary Jane
The high is a much more focused high that will get your mind and body in an active state.  This is the perfect strain to smoke and go for a hike, the gym, or even powering through some homework or running errands.  It offers mild amounts of euphoria that will leave you feeling uplifted and happy throughout the day.  Being a sativa it will keep you up.  If you’re going out to let’s say the mall, grocery store, or wherever you go for fun this will give you an energy boost to get you up and moving around!  All in all this is a bomb strain that you can find it in single gram quantities for $15 (steal of a deal for the quality of this flower) and 4 gram containers going for $60. REMEMBER come in 11am-2pm and you can get $5 off your order of $30+ that would make 2 grams $25!  What’s not to like about that?  Come on in, say high and try out some Seattle Cough.

Thank you for your time, stay classy Washington.

By Tyler


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