Mary Jane’s Guide to Game Day Munchies

The best thing to bring to a game day party? Well, if you’re on Mary Jane’s blog, that should be obvious. But if you’re totally high, we’ll clue you in: it’s weed.

So be the life of the party and swing through your favorite Kirkland weed shop before showing up to party with your crew. Because whether you’re looking for a choice flower, like Cannasol Farms’ Cannasol Double Lemon Cheesecake,  some of Dynamic Harvest’s potent DH Wax, or a pre-roll of Top Shelf’s Blue dream, the friendly budtenders are the best Kirkland rec shop have got you covered.


Generally, nobody at Mary Jane Kirkland is judgmental, we’re all easy-breezy over here. But don’t say you hate nachos. They’re basically the food of our people, and can be made to fit most any dietary restriction. And while they can be deceptively simple dish, there’s a difference between middle-of-the-road nachos and mind-melting, religious experience-grade nachos. So it’s down get complacent.  The best version recipe we’ve found lately is from from HowSweetEats, which features crispy carnitas and homemade tortilla chips. Labor-intensive? Yes. Worth it? Double yes.

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings as an Appetizer

Folks from Buffalo will tell you that the perfect chicken wing sauce is all about Frank’s Red Hot and butter. And while that’s the combination which lead to the wing’s popularity, over the years many different variations of the classic bar snack have been created. The one that’s been a big hit at our most recent parties has been are these spicy Thai version we found on the Food Network. Given that Thai dishes are favorites among many of our Northwest friends, we suspect your crowd will gobble them up too.


Spinach artichoke dip is another stoner staple, and even the fanciest versions are as easy as can be. Now, you can say we’re in a rut, but for the last few years, we’re been stuck on this fantastic recipe from ThePioneerWoman. You can practically whip this divine combination of cream cheese, feta, and Parmesan up between plays, and you might have to, because it’ll disappear almost instantly. If you want to add a little mystery to your day, say it’s your grandmother’s secret recipe. Don’t worry—we won’t tell.



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