Break Time: Here’s What to Know About Taking a Tolerance Break

Did you know that taking a short break from marijuana – even just a week — will significantly reduce your tolerance?

According to a recent article in High Times, the receptors in your brain just need a small amount of time to return to their initial state. So if you’re thinking about taking a tolerance break, you can start with a week – or try a solid break of a month or two if you want to really clear the decks. And at Mary Jane Marijuana Boutique in Kirkland, we’d advise using that week off to browse our online menu and research new and top-rated strains of Pacific Northwest cannabis to try when you’re back at it.

From High Times:

 “In chronic moderate daily cannabis smokers, CB1R availability is decreased in most brain regions. Significant CB1R up-regulation begins within 2 days of abstinence and continues over 4 weeks.” In other words, a cannabis smoker has less CB1 receptors in their brain than non-smokers do, but they start to bounce back after just two days of abstinence, and return to almost–normal levels after four weeks of abstinence. 

If you’re wondering how you’ll survive a tolerance break check out this article from Mary Jane’s Diary where she advises: The good news is marijuana is not physically addictive. This makes taking a break from marijuana much easier then harsh, addictive drugs like nicotine. Some may experience a psychological addiction that must be overcome. The other good news is that you are strong and you can do anything.”

We like her style!

In the meantime, browse our online menu for new and exciting strains to try once your brain has bounced back funky fresh and ready to party. At Mary Jane Marijuana Boutique, we make it a priority to build and maintain relationships with the best producers and processors in the state, and hand select all the pot products we sell. So stop by the best pot shop in Kirkland! We’re open at 9am daily, and are located at 13513 NE 126th Place in Kirkland.