Kirkland Oktoberfest Kicks Off Friday, September 23rd!

Yup, Kirkland Oktoberfest does actually happen in September, just like the massive Munich beer festival it’s named after. And while the Mary Jane folks think October might actually make more sense schedule-wise, when an event this cool pops up on the calendar, we don’t sweat the details. Especially when it’s right within prime Uber distance of our chic little boutique.

For the uninitiated, Oktoberfest isn’t your typical American beer festival. Forget small tasting portions, and think bigger, as this event is a full-blown, three-day celebration of German food, culture, music, and of course, beer. The setting couldn’t be more perfect to enjoy the crisp Northwest fall weather, as everything happens right along the Kirkland waterfront at Marina Park.

“Before you head to Kirkland Oktoberfest, swing through Mary Jane and pick up some indica-dominant hybrid flower, like Skord’s Strawberry Fields, or Doc & Yeti’s Breakfast Kush. They’ll ensure you have a proper appetite when you hit the festival.”

Along with tons of different specialty and seasonal brews from the Rhineland, there will also be plenty of craft beer from some of your favorite Northwest producers, including Tripplehorn, Chainline, and Black Raven. After grabbing a cold one, you’ll want to head to the Festhalle, where revelers sit at the long traditional German beer halls tables and enjoy the rollicking oompah music and spirited conversation.

Of course, there will be plenty of delicious, hearty food on hand, so there’ll be no reason to drink on an empty stomach. Sausages, sauerkraut, schnitzel, and unique German dishes like cheese noodles and potato pancakes are all on the menu, and as you might imagine, all of it goes perfect with beer. And vegetarians shouldn’t feel like they’ll be limited to eating Bavarian pretzels all day, as there will also be plenty of food trucks on hand, featuring load of local favorites.

Along with all the food and beer, there will also be plenty of traditional games and contests, including stein-hoisting, keg-rolling, and human foosball. But you’d be crazy to miss the wiener dog races happening at 1 pm on Sunday. We don’t know what to expect here, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to rule. If you have a wiener dog with a competitive streak, make sure to sign them up. You could end your weekend with a glorious victory under your belt.

For a full schedule of all the activities and entertainment happening at this year’s Kirkland Oktoberfest, head to the official site. There will be plenty of parking, but for obvious reasons, we’re going to suggest you take the bus or Uber.


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