Kirkland Women’s Weed Weekend

Legal weed is the law of the land in Washington State, and that makes it an awesome place to put together the ultimate ladies-only weekend! Whether members of your flock are coming in from far and wide, or it’s more of a staycation, Mary Jane’s neighborhood had plenty to offer. Here’s a little primer to take the best advantage of both legal weed and everything Kirkland has to offer.

Where to Stay

Having a phenomenal place to stay makes traveling and relaxing worlds much easier. So find a cozy Kirkland AirBnB like this snug wooded cabin, or a conveniently located condo like this modern bungalow by Marina Park. If the ladies are looking for something a bit more traditional, go with the Heathman right off of Kirkland Ave—it’s right in the heart of downtown, which means easy access to all of the best local bites, brews and shopping. kirkland womens weed weekend heathman hotel downtown

For any of these options, edibles from Mary Jane’s fantastic selection would be the cannabis consumer’s best bet. For treats that are packed with THC, and packaging that’ll make your girlfriends swoon, we recommend Goodship’s infused baked goods.

If your girl group is focused on a weekend filled with smoke and laughter, don’t risk breaking any rules. Just chill in one of the canna-welcoming abodes available for reservation on Bud and Breakfast.


Start Saturday morning with a handcrafted espresso drink from Caffe Ladro, then take a tranquil walk along the waterfront. Ladro offers a locally roasted Fremont blend which has notes of hazelnut, fig and cacao, and pairs beautifully Magic Kitchen’s Black Cherry Pebbles. Then take a moment to admire Kirkland’s wildlife and watch the boats float in and out of the Marina.

kirkland womens weed weekend caffe ladroIn the afternoon, make sure to browse the galleries dotting Park Lane, like Howard Mandville and Parklane, then stop in at EarthLight, a rock and gem shop featuring rare finds like massive pieces of worked quartz, amethyst, and even fossils!

The Women’s Weed Weekend is hardly a boot camp, so after all that walking, head back to the room and serve up a few THC infused refreshments! Your friendly budtender can give you the scoop, but it’s really super simple. Just blend some soda water—or any beverage, really—with a dose of any of the fine infused syrups by Craft Elixirs, and you’ve made a cannabis cocktail that will be thoroughly restorative—until hunger strikes, that it.

When it’s time to combat the munchies, prep for a meal at Cactus by playing some salsa music and getting rowdy in the room. Cactus is one of Kirkland’s highest-rated restaurants, and the kitchen has distinguished itself with innovative dishes which highlight its authentic Southwest roots. We recommend starting with the the Camarones D’ El Diablo or Navajo Fry Bread, and if you’re feeling tacos, definitely go for the Braised Brisket variation. Months after you’re home, memories of the red-wine-caramelized onions will make your mouth water.


If you’re staying in a Bud and Breakfast suite, make sure to pick up one of the Chocolope pre-rolls by Gabriel Cannabis to ensure you get your Sunday morning started right. Chocolope carries an earthy, almost espresso-like aroma, and since it’s a full sativa you’ll be perked up for the day.

Next, head to town. The Eastside in general—and Kirkland in particular—is known for doing Sunday brunch like no other. If you’re staying further toward Woodinville, catch an Uber and experience a mimosa flight at The Commons. In Kirkland, the there are an abundance of brunch spots to hit, so we’d recommend just strolling downtown to see what tickles your fancy. For a quick cheat sheet, check out our previous post on spots to hit.

kirkland womens week weekend urban floatBig breakfasts aren’t for everyone, and nothing says a women’s weekend like getting pampered. So you could just opt to grab a quick vanilla latte at Starbucks on Park Lane, then jet across the street to the Lake Street Nail Bar for a fresh set of shellac and a hand massage.

And why stop the royal treatment there? Run to Urban Float for a sensory deprivation experience or Seattle Sun Tan for a full
fledged pampering experience! Aside from the usual tanning beds, SST offers red light therapy tanks and body wraps. We recommend popping a sublingual
Oakor Breath Slip to get baked while you’re baking.

As you wrap up the weekend, make sure you and your girlfriends take time to digest all the amazing experiences you shared. After hugs all around, you’ll likely start planning for next year!

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