Kirkland’s Top Five Spots to Grab a Sweet Treat

Time to cozy up to winter and open our hearts, and cravings, to all the sweet treats to be had in Kirkland, this Valentine’s Day, and just about any day!  Generic, red-foiled candy has quickly replaced the holiday ornaments at grocery stores, but Mary Jane knows you can do better.  Our New Year’s resolutions were put aside, and we found the top 5 spots to grab a sweet treat in Kirkland for those special dates, lunchboxes, and random munchies.

Ready to WOW with beautifully decorated cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more, Sweetcakes Bakery is your neighborhood party pick-up haven. All concoctions are fresh, delicious and made from scratch. With so many choices, be warned, a pre-visit Northern Lights concentrate might encourage you to pack a second to-go box (for you-know-who). Especially if you’ve stopped off at the best Kirkland pot shop beforehand.

Heavenly, handmade pastries from Aura’s are a decadent choice for that secret crush. The authentic, French-style bakery also offers yummy lunch and espresso with a warm, European cafe ambiance that invites a community. Aura’s is perfect for that afternoon lunch date, just go ahead and ask! Connect with a fun, creative Pineapple Express pre-roll and start planning for dinner.

Going beyond the coconut, Lady Yum breaks all the rules with magnificent, signature macaroons. With a nice selection of wine, champagne and shrubs, this is a whimsical choice for a sweet and spirited first date. Spicy Purple Trainwreck flower enhances the playful mood. Macaroons and mischief, indeed.
If cake and pastries are not your thing, try Sirena’s for an exotic, handcrafted gelato made the old-fashioned way, one pan at a time.  Deliberately amazing, the gelato is a no-guilt but sinful low-fat thrill. Vape with an earthy, Tahoe Fire for an appetite boost, then grab a cookie sandwich to guarantee a return trip.
Finally, we take you back to a real suh-weet treat, your first dispensary experience. That “like a kid in a candy store” feeling where you nervously scanned the strains, giddy, excited, ready. Well, Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop is that feeling. Take it way back with Dab Dudes Bubble Gum wax for an ultra sweet, euphoric experience. Gag gifts, candy, and soda pop—brings out your inner child, ready to play.

Mary Jane encourages you to shop locally for your mood enhancing and munchie-loving treats for every sweet occasion. Feel the love, Kirkland. Our chic and cozy cannabis boutique offers a great selection of marijuana products for Valentine’s Day or any time of year.

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