Marijuana Mavens: Cannabis Industry Power Women

The cannabis industry has a reputation for being male-dominated, but here at Mary Jane Boutique, the Kirkland-area’s first recreational marijuana store, we’re doing our part to change that.

As a woman-owned business, we believe in empowering other women within the industry. And we’re pleased to say that we’re not alone here! Here’s a look at some of the powerful women who are changing the face of the Cannabis industry. Fortunately, this short list is just a small sampling of the powerful women who are working to improve our marijuana laws and the cannabis industry. We hope you’ll join us! Until then, you can support women in the industry by supporting your local woman-owned pot shop!

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Lakisha Jenkins Cannabis Industry Power Women — Lakisha Jenkins

Master herbalist Lakisha Jenkins is a founding member of the California Cannabis Industry Association and helped write California’s current recreational marijuana law. Jenkins has a doctorate in naturapathy, and believes that cannabis is an essential part of a healer’s arsenal.

In addition to her work in healthcare and her advocacy of sane cannabis laws, Jenkins is dedicated to making room in the industry for minorities and women.


Charlo GreeneCannabis Industry Power Women — Charlo Green

In 2014 Alaskan journalist Charlo Greene was asked to report on an underground cannabis club. As it so happened, Greene was actually the founder of said club.  After reporting on the club , she concluded her live television broadcast by quitting her job and outing herself as a marijuana advocate. Greene now faces up to 54 years in prison, but is lauded for her contribution to Alaska’s legalization movement.

She continues to advocate for legalization and for minority voices within the industry and is the founder of Go Greene, a cannabis diversity summit.

Lynne LymanCannabis Industry Power Women — Lynne Lyman

Lyn Lyman is the California state director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit that works for “advancing drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health, and human rights.” Currently Lyman is focused on the implementation of legalization in California.

Like Jenkins, Lyman is dedicated to making the cannabis industry more inclusive.

“One thing that has been true historically in the cannabis movement is that it’s been men’s faces at the forefront and yet it’s been a lot of women doing the behind-the-scenes work,” Lyman says.

“I’m in room after room saying it cannot be all white men in the industry. You have to find a way to expand and let other people in. That’s a policy priority for DPA.”