Mary Jane’s Top Five High Holidaze Gift Ideas

Tis the season to be jolly and your friends at Mary Jane want to help you get there. Aside from the amazing plant itself, there are many ways to share the joy of cannabis with your buds. So, smoke a bowl, get on the internet and make your last minute purchases. Mary Jane has your back with this list of our “Top 5 High Holidaze gift ideas!”

Kirkland Mary Jane Holidaze Gift Guide1.Cannabis Leaf Art Print – What better way to say “I love marijuana” without saying it? Easy! Hang this beautiful print on your wall. Simple, gorgeous. It’s affordable AND supports an independent artist.

2.Cannabis-Inspired Greeting Cards – Local to Seattle, this card company is equipped to help you congratulate your friends on any kind of life event with an inspirational, weed-based greeting. YOu can be sure you will win the prize for most original greetings.

3.DOPE IPhone Case – For your friend who is not only inspired by the act of imbibing cannabis, but also aesthetically drawn to that magnificent looking, multi-pointed leaf. This Iphone case announces loudly. “YES….I AM PRO-WEED.”

4.Wake N Bake Mug – Coffee and weed. It’s a perfect morning combo and now you can enjoy both without putting down your cup of Folgers. That’s right! This mug doubles as a pipe! The best part of waking up will now be a nice Kush in your lucky friend’s cup .

5.Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana – For the cannabis newbie or long-term convert, this book is filled with beautiful pictures and information about the cultivation and many uses for weed and also data about specific strains.

Don’t forget to stop by Mary Jane Marijuana Boutique in Kirkland for all your cannabis needs. Vape, Smoke, Eat or apply…we have what you need to have a relaxing evening, for aches and pains and of course, gifts for this amazing season of giving. Our staff is ready to serve you and answer any questions.

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