Maximizing Vape Cartridge Life

Vapor pens and cartridges are now a mainstay of cannabis use. Discreet, portable and low odor, it is easy to see why they have become wildly popular.  In order to make the most of each cartridge purchase, keep in mind that cartridges are still an electronic product with a few recommendations for best results.  Keep cartridges stored in an upright position and do not leave your cartridge in a hot car. Avoid bringing cartridges to higher elevations.

All of the cartridges at Mary Jane fit on standard 510 threaded batteries.  Mod boxes and large adjustable batteries are great for vaporizing tobacco e-juices, but we do not recommend them for use with our cartridges. Our cartridges are not designed to be used on batteries exceeding 3.9v.  Too much power will overheat the oil and create an unpleasant taste or damage the cartridge.

Mary Jane carries a selection of vape pens designed for our disposable cartridges that will help you get your money’s worth out of each cartridge.Dopens

The Dopen vaporizer blends style and discretion into a durable unit that is fully compatible with all 510 threaded cartridges.  Its aluminum body is designed to withstand more pressure than the average vape pen and can be carried in your pocket without fear of breaking it.  Available in Noir, White Satin & Gold, and Floral Twilight for $45.00.


The Vuber Comet battery for $20.00 is another staff favorite to pair with vape cartridges.  It has a sleek button free design and the perfect power level for clean and full flavored vape hits.

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