So, Your Mom Wants to Get High

Don’t sounds so shocked that your Mom wants to get high — it’s happening everywhere. Now that weed is legal, Moms all over the world want to give the old ganja a toke and see what all the fuss is about. Maybe Mom hasn’t smoked since her college days, or she’s a first time toker. Either way, choosing the right delivery method and strain will help the mother figure in your life enjoy her high. I’m sure calming Mom out of a panic attack is not high on your list of things to do today.


Most parents probably don’t want to start out hitting a 3-foot glass bong, so you might be better off rolling a joint or packing up a one hitter to ease them into the experience.  Edibles are also a great choice to start off with, just make sure that you go slow and start with 10mg of THC or less so Mom doesn’t end up in the hospital thinking that she’s already dead.

One of the best options to start out with, is a strain or an edible that is high in CBD, or even a product that is at a ratio of one to one THC:CBD.  CBD helps to take the edge off of THC, and lets Mom really enjoy the associated high. Most Moms probably aren’t looking to cough their brains out after trying weed for the first time in 25 years.  Which is why vape pens have become extremely popular with the parent-stoner demographic. This is mostly because of the ease of controlling how much you consume and also has to do with how smooth the hits are when you inhale.  Cannabis is a great way to bond with your mother! You can bring her into Mary Jane’s to check out our excellent supply of flower, vapes, and edibles, and get some more insights from our budtenders about the different products we carry that are best suited for the Mom in your life.