National Craft Month: Check Out These Kirkland Craft Stores

March is National Craft Month so wake up the cat and clean off your kitchen table – it’s time to stock up on supplies from some Kirkland craft stores and get some projects done.

If you need some inspiration, we’ve got lots of ideas to help get those crafty juices flowing. And be sure to visit Mary Jane Marijuana Boutique in Kirkland, WA for some of the best strains of weed to help you stay focused and creative. Our chic and cozy pot boutique has the most helpful staff around!

Five Weed Strains for Crafting

Cannasol Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint – 22.7% THC – starts at $12/1g

Try this strain for a relaxing, time-bending craft session.

Creek Side Blue Dream – 22.6% THC – starts at $13/1g

Try this for gentle cerebral invigoration to spark creativity.

Liberty Reach Blue Dream – 18.2% THC – starts at $12/1g

Try this for a strong and heady high – inspiration is in the bag.

Noble Farms Blackberry Headband – 23.0% THC – starts at $12/1g

Try this if you need to de-stress before you get the glitter out.

Best Places to Stock Up on Craft Supplies

An Artful Touch

Located at 12427 116th Ave NE in Kirkland – An Artful Touch is a local art supply store stocked with high-quality supplies. Check out their workshops and classes too.

Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames

Located at 15756 Redmond Way in Redmond – Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames is the place to go when you want to check out the latest craft trends and the staff is crazy helpful.


Located at 9755 NW Juanita Drive in Kirkland – Michael’s is sensory overload, so it’s best to toke up before you shop. And if you’re getting a head start on Christmas, they have everything you need to make your balls sparkle.

Need inspiration? Check out these 11 craft project ideas from Martha Stewart – Snoop’s go-to craft advisor. You could also explore 1000+ craft ideas on Pinterest. And if you love crafts-gone-wrong browse Regretsy on Google Books. It’s where DIY meets WTF.

Happy Crafting!