Get your Buzz on for the Nutcracker With Mary Jane

We all have our cherished family traditions, whether it be a particular Christmas cookie, a snowball fight in the front yard, or a viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life in front of a roaring fire. And for many, the holiday season isn’t complete without going to see P.I. Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker

If the ballet is part of your tradition, why celebrate with a little Eastside weed from Mary Jane’s Kirkland? This year’s presentation of the classic tale features the world-renowned International Ballet (tickets are $25 to $50 via brown paper tickets). But how can you enhance the vibrant costumes and brilliant sets and spectacular traditional Russian choreography by Vera Altunina without grandma knowing you’ve partaken in a holiday toke of Kirkland’s best weed? Well don’t worry, Mary Jane has a covert plan to take this already breathtaking experience to new heights.


While the family is at dinner, pop a Dama Caps in their “Stimulating” variety with 10mg of THC ($31). You’ll be hyped for the evening to come.


Subtlely pop a candy like NW CBD Pebbles in Watermelon with 100 total mg of THC from Northwest Cannabis Solutions ($30). And let the tasty goodness melt in your mouth while the curtain drops.


Obviously you can’t come back smelling like you spent intermission on Willie Nelson’s tour bus, so when you fake that phone call to vape away on your Tangerine Power JuJu Joint from Liberty Reach with its  65.8% THC for $45-.5g, you’ll come back daisy fresh and ready for the second half.


You might need a bit of pep to get you through to the end, so spritz  a sweet spray like Ethos Sativa Spray Tincture from Ethos Extracts ($30) that makes it look like your breath, not your buzz is the priority. As the curtain closes, make sure you give an extra round of applause to the Eastside’s best Recreational marijuana store, Mary Jane in Kirkland.

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