How to Order Marijuana Online From Our Menu in 6 Simple Steps

We are excited to announce that Mary Jane now offers online ordering from our website!

If you are having a busy week, or feeling rushed and need to get your cannabis quickly – then this will be a huge convenience for you. You can order marijuana online and have it ready for you to pick up in store within 15 minutes.

The benefits of ordering online also allow you to take your time and browse our current product inventory, brands offered, and all types of products (flower, pre-roll, concentrate, vape, edible, or topical) available to you.

You can even refine your search further based on Price (displayed lowest to highest), and THC percentage and CBD percentage (displayed highest to lowest). Do this all from the comfort of your own home, or on the go from your mobile device.

As you order, you will see all the items in your shopping cart at the top of the page. Keep in mind, prices do include all taxes, so no surprises when you show up to pay. Choose your quantity, and see the amount of product and price for the item.

Then once you are ready to check out, just add your phone number and name on the checkout page and press “Place Order.” We will send you a verification text message. Once you reply, we’ll fulfill your order for pickup in store. You can expect your order to be ready typically within 15 minutes.

And remember: our knowledgeable Budtenders are always available to answer your questions when you arrive at the store to pick up your order.

6 Easy Steps to Convenient Cannabis Bliss

Here are the 6 super simple steps to order cannabis right from the Mary Jane website. You can follow along on our how-to video, or read the steps below.

Step 1: Find our Website Online

If you are at least 21 years old, search for our website from your desktop or mobile browser: Mary Jane Kirkland or type in

Mary Jane Kirkland Google Search

Step 2: Go to the “Menu” Page

Click on “Menu” from the navigation bar at the top of the homepage.

Mary Jane Kirkland Menu

Step 3: Search or Browse for Products

Browse our current product inventory, or search for the products you are looking for via the search box.

Mary Jane Kirkland Menu Search
Shop all products in a category by clicking on Flower, Pre-Roll, Concentrate, Vape, Edible, or Topical.

In the flower category, it will show Indica first, but you can jump to Hybrid or Sativa by clicking in the upper right of the flower menu.

From here you can then narrow down your search further by clicking over and sorting by Name, Brand, Price, THC percentage, or CBD percentage.
Mary Jane Kirkland Menu Sort

Or easily search for your favorite brand…

Mary Jane Kirkland Cannabis Brands

Step 4: Choose your Items

As you choose your items they will appear at the top of the page.

Mary Jane Kirkland Menu Items

Here you can change the quantity, and see the amount and price for the product. It will also show how many items you have in your cart, as well as the total cost (remember the prices include all taxes).

Once you are you are ready to check out, press the “Checkout” button in the upper right corner.

Mary Jane Kirkland Menu Checkout Button

Step 5: Checkout & Place Order

Add your Phone Number and Name and click “Place Order.”

Mary Jane Kirkland Menu Checkout

You will receive a verification text message. Once you reply, we’ll fulfill your order for pickup and payment in our store.

One thing to note….once you are on the Checkout page, if you click your browser’s back button, your saved products will disappear. To go back to the Menu page, just click the red “Back to Menu” button and your items will be kept in your shopping cart.

Step 6: Pick Up your Order

Head out to Mary Jane Kirkland at 13513 NE 126th Pl. C Kirkland, WA 98034 and pick up your order.

That’s it! Pretty simple and convenient, right?

Try it out for yourself…Order Online today!

Our Store Hours:
Sunday through Thursday: 9am – 10pm
Friday: 9am – 11pm
Saturday: 10am – 11pm


If you have any questions about your online order or online ordering in general, call us at 425-814-0200 during normal business hours.

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