Our Top Five Favorite Munchies for 4/20

April is a magical month for blossoming flowers, a nice — hopefully? — change in weather and the consummate stoner holiday, 4/20.

If this will be your first 4/20 as a recreational user, just know it’s always a good day, especially if you’re stocked up on your favorite cannabis treats. Mary Jane marijuana shop carries a broad selection of all kinds of THC and CBD-infused goodness for you to enjoy — so come on in!

We cater to all levels of marijuana fans, from the casual smoker of a pre-roll joint, to the daily die-hard, we’re here to help you find the exact product that’ll work best for you. Know what else goes really well with pot? That’s right — munchies. Here are a few of our faves:

Funyuns — Nope, it’s not just a rumor. These semi-greasy, crispy-coated, onion flavored masterpieces are easy to mindlessly snack on. Made famous as a stoner snack in the movie Half Baked, if you’re more of a fan of savory snacks and want to skip the sweets, start here.

Haribo Gold Bears — The superior gummy bear in Fweedom’s mind, getting stoned and chewing on these fat-free candies is a sensory delight!

Chocolate Chip Cookies — The brand doesn’t matter, just the deliciousness of melty chocolate chips in a delicious, sweet cookie.(Helpful hint: We always microwave chocolate chip cookies, especially store-bought ones. You can stick them in the toaster oven as well.

Fruit — One of these things is not like the others, but we find cannabis brings out flavors, and as fruit already has a cornucopia of flavors, getting stoned and eating some raspberries is almost a transcendental experience.

Take Out / Delivery — We like this option because you choose what you like, and you don’t necessarily ever have to put pants on — but make sure to cover up when you open the door for the delivery person.

This list should be a good start. We all know what we like and almost all of it is more amazing while under the influence of that sweet plant, we’ve grown to love. Be sure to stock up on all your edible, vaping, topical and flower needs and this 4/20 could be the one to almost-remember.

Come say “high” to your friends at Mary Jane today!