Pesticide-Free Cannabis Products at Mary Jane

Remember when weed was illegal, harder to purchase and not necessarily coming from the most reliable source? Forget that! Recreational marijuana has changed the face of Washington since it became legalized back in 2012. People are relaxing, pains are waning, fun is being had.

Accessibility to cannabis has increased and so have the number of farms now producing the plant. With all the new farmers, it can be hard to determine which products have been grown using pesticides and which have not. We smoke weed to feel relaxed, to deal with our anxiety, to deal with our medical issues, we don’t need to be paranoid about the growing process. Luckily, Mary Jane Boutique is here to end that fear.

Smoking cannabis that has been contaminated with pesticides can introduce the human body to lethal chemicals. This is why Mary Jane Weed Boutique of Kirkland is proud to carry many brands of cannabis that are not treated with pesticide. We currently carry flower, pre-rolls and concentrates from over seven growers. Your health is important to us and we know many people are still using cannabis for medical needs. Why would we want to add anything negative to your body while you’re trying to heal it? Because so many pesticides are prohibited and and Marijuana recalls have become more frequent since legalization. The State of Washington has required testing for mold and other impurities since it started to allow recreational sales. The state has said they will be testing cannabis for pesticides more frequently, but why even take the chance?

Start today on your new life free of unknown pesticides! Come into Mary Jane in Kirkland and ask our staff about our pesticide-free selection. Our staff can answer all your questions. Knowledge is power and empowerment. Come see us at Mary Jane today!