3 Pot Documentaries on Netflix: What Are Kirkland Cannabis Fans Tuning Into?

We all know, Netflix has an amazing selection of documentaries. In particular, many of their documentaries provide diverse perspectives on social justice (and perpetual injustices). So it’s not surprising that Netflix regularly features documentaries on America’s notoriously unjust War on Drugs.

On Netflix right now, you can find dozens of films and docu-series critical of U.S. drug policy. Below are three documentaries focused on cannabis that Kirklandians are currently tuning into. If you haven’t watched them yet, add them to your Netflix schedule! But before you “Netflix-and-chill” make sure you stock up on recreational cannabis in Kirkland at Mary Jane!

420: The Documentary

According to the Marist Poll, Weed & The American Family, over half of Americans have tried cannabis at some point in their lives. And, of those who’ve tried cannabis, 44 percent continue to use it (in varying capacities) today. In states where cannabis is legal, you can find thousands of entrepreneurs capitalizing off cannabis. You can find just about any type of pot product you could dream of (sold legally at the state level), yet to this day there are millions of Americans (most often people of color and students) who have had their lives derailed (or ended) because of unjust incarceration, homicide, or even being shot by the police.

420: The Documentary is one of the best pot-oriented documentaries Netflix has ever hosted. Rather than taking a myopic, one-sided view of the cannabis industry and the history of weed, 420 presents an expansive view of how millions of Americans – from so-called pot-heads to “grandpa” treating his arthritis – use cannabis today. Focusing on how the federal government has long unfairly demonized cannabis, 420 explores the criminal justice system and through retired law enforcement, the government’s ill-conceived “War on Pot.”

While there’s no rating for 420: The Documentary on Rotten Tomatoes, the documentary did earn an 8/10 rating on IMDB and a 4/5 rating on Vudu.

Culture High

The Culture High paradoxically strikes a light(er)-hearted take on pot and its influence on American culture, while not shying away from very serious social justice issues like mass incarceration and the disproportionate impact the War on Drugs have had on vulnerable communities. Featuring engaging characters like Joe Rogan, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa, you’ll be entertained throughout director Bob Harvey’s oft-funny yet pleasantly insightful two-hour look at how cannabis is shaping American culture while exploring the serious aspects of the effects cannabis prohibition has had on society. The Culture High isn’t just a bunch of fun celebrities pontificating on cannabis culture, the documentary also features former undercover agents, university professors, and other experts who share their perspective on cannabis and cannabis policy.

The Culture High earned an 8.3/10 on IMDB, a 9.3 on watchdocumentaries.com, and an impressive 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Super High Me

Remember Super Size Me? Super Size Me is a documentarian, television producer, and humorist Morgan Spurlock’s take on why Americans are among the fattest people in the history of the world (his answer: fast-food culture). Morgan set out to see how eating (only) McDonald’s for 30 days straight would affect his health. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t turn out well.)

Super High Me is proud, unabashed comedian, Doug Benson’s hilarious comical remake of Super Size Me. However, instead of consuming only cannabis for 30 straight days, Benson quits the reefer for 30 days and then resumes his typical consumption patterns after the 30 days.

A comical remake, in a sense, of the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, this addition to the best marijuana documentaries on Netflix is a true icon in its own right. It may not be as awesome as The Culture High or DOPE, but it proves just how vulnerable and how transparent the drug can be in connection with the war on marijuana.

While more comedy and schtick (to showcase his comedic talents), the now iconic Super High Me, is a witty, light-hearted, and an uproariously funny satirical documentary about pot. If you’ve never seen Super High Me before – well, you’re probably not a pothead – you’ve got to see it for its cleverly crafted comic relief and impressive satirical techniques.

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