Mary Jane’s Recipe Picks for Your Super Bowl Pot Party

After the coin is tossed and the Patriots and Falcons face off, fans everywhere will be screaming for their favorite team. Imagine the smorgasbord you’ll face at your party. Chips, salsa and pasta salad for days! The only thing that could add even more exhilaration is good ole legal marijuana from Mary Jane pot shop in Kirkland. Our super-size selection of quality cannabis products, convenient location and friendly staff make every visit a touchdown.

The gang here at Mary Jane put our heads together and found a few killer recipes to add to your spread.

Pizza Seven Layer Dip

Everything you love about pizza, in a dip. Let’s admit it, the world would be an even more wonderous place if all our favorite foods came in a dip. It’s interactive, it’s delicious. Smoke a bowl of Middlefork flower, put a toasted baguette bite into this easy-to-make dip and you’ll feel like the Quarterback of cool.

Chicken Parm Sliders

I like this recipe because it enhances an already perfect food, the chicken nugget. Paired with some bread and other basic ingredients create this marvel of the palate. I’d suggest pairing this delicacy with a bong hit of Cinex, a lovely sativa strain.

S’mores Nachos

Not all great foods include cheese. This delicious classic dessert stays on brand for the Super bowl as the ultimate finger food. Take a bite of this marshmallow treat and disappear into a sensational bliss. I would even recommend getting one of our delicious cannabis-infused cookies to add another layer of bliss to the situation.

Mary Jane pot shop in Kirkland wants you to have a successful and entertaining Super Bowl celebration, whether you hang out with all your buddies or it’s just you and the cat. Come into Mary Jane today for all your recreational marijuana needs.

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