Soups and Strains to Warm You Up This Fall

It’s the time of year when our imagine sitting fireside, euphoric and toasty, with a large bowl of something delicious and hot. The chillier it gets, the more folks are headed indoors to find haven, and Mary Jane’s budtenders know that people want recommendations for the colder months. So we’re starting October off right with three great soup and strain pairing suggestions!

Salmon Chowder and GSC

With its rich, buttery taste and soul food-style comfort, a bowl (or bread bowl, if you want to treat yourself) of salmon chowder is well met with a solid indica-leaning hybrid like the Girl Scout Cookies Dope Cartridge by Dawgstar. So look up a great recipe, grab some fresh and natural ingredients from PCC Natural Market off of NE 68th Street, and whip up a healthy, nutritious meal while in the care of this calming and imaginative hybrid.

Tomato Basil and Blue Dream

A lighter option like a Tomato Basil Bisque satisfies the soul without feeling too heavy, which makes it a perfect for the fit pothead looking to bring a bit of warmth to an autumn evening. If this sounds like you, Blue Dream by Artizen is the perfect strain to uplift and elevate any cannabis consumer, as it’s relaxing without being without being too cerebral. This straight-up strain is perfect for this simple, classic soup.

Ramen and an Apple Cinnamon Tonic

For a meal that’s sure to impress your friends, get everyone together and try a round of steaming hot ramen at the Momoya Sushi and Sake House, and make sure to opt for toppings like tempura prawn and hard boiled egg. Not everyone loves ramen, so for those who don’t, there are plenty of other amazing entrees like Katsu or sushi. Afterward, head back to the house and whip up a few sweet and citrusy cannabis tonics with the Ballard Beat variation of Craft Elixirs for a stoney desert.

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