Sour Bubba by Emerald Evolution

Emerald Evolution’s Sour Bubba


At long last the triumphant arrival of Emerald Evolution’s meticulously grown hybrid, Sour Bubba, is upon us!

  • Smell: ­ Citrus / Diesel with floral undertones
  • Taste: ­ Light peppery bite on the tongue with a mouthwatering citrus kick and floral aftertaste

Sour Bubba is a wonderfully balanced hybrid that features genetics of an invigorating Sour Diesel with the ambiguous indica strain Bubba Kush.  From bag to grinder, a pungent diesel aroma tip toes its way into your nostrils giving you a sense of its delightful punch of citrus flavor. Making sure to take first toke with a nice clean burning hemp wick so the incredible flavor hits you with a light peppery (somewhat spicy) taste that makes your mouth water.  Upon exhaling you get a nice citrus jolt with a floral aftertaste.  Between the euphoric buzz of the diesel and the relaxing body stone from the kush this hybrid is a great choice for a heady trip day or night. Given that Emerald Evolution has a long standing reputation of finding unique, essentially exotic, strains and perfecting them, you can bet I am stoked to see how far they can push the limits on this tasty flower.

Yours in the clouds– ­

Jacob C,


Sour Bubba by Emerald Evolution
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